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When confronted by the high quantity of imported mainstream crafts dominating the Namibian tourism market, Katrin Bockmühl decided that it

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Fimbi Leather Art

Self-taught designer and owner of Fimbi Leather, Elsie Imhof, has successfully harnessed her background as tour guide to express a

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Summer Salt

Carved Elephant Tableweights Makalani Nut Tableweights The business now employs around 300 men and women in the communities around Windhoek,

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Heike Lukaschik

Heike Lukaschik Every unique piece is hand made by our small, inspired and very dedicated  NAMIBIAN TEAM. Our studio is

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Tameka TAMEKA means “Start” in the native Oshiwambo language. For us it is a new start, every time we invent

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sorting of wool
Sorting wool by hand
sorting of wool by hand
Sorting wool

Obib takes pride in designing its own carpets and using only natural colours. Although there are four basic colours, namely black, white, grey and brown there is a spectrum of uncountable colour variations perfectly matching the natural shades of Rosh Pinah’s mountains, sand dunes, grasslands and bright skies.

The most favoured designs are our geometric patterns enriched with matching colour distinctions emulating silhouettes of nature.

Obib has a variety of carpets in stock. However, we love to weave carpets at customers’ request to fit any size and colour combination. Although customer-made carpets will take some time to weave, it is worth waiting, because the owner can boast with a unique piece of art from Namibia.

Wool from the surrounding farming area Farming is the backbone of rural communities in the south of Namibia. The unforgiving grazing conditions and low rainfall is home of the Swakara sheep perfectly adapted to the harsh environment. Sheep are kept free range in harmony with nature and therefore justifying the reputation of eco-wool from a bio-sheep. The sheep are shorn annually. Obib weavers have selected a network of farmers supplying only hand sorted wool.

Obib weaving is one of many tourist and business attractions in the mining town, Rosh Pinah. The town came into being in the 1960s owing its origin to the rich zinc deposits in the rugged Huns mountain range. It is the gate to the captivating |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park stretching across the South-Western succulent national park of Namibia and South Africa.
The name Obib derives from a semi-erect succulent that may be specific to heavy metals and occurs in a dwarf habitat along the Orange River at Rosh Pinah. The common name bushman candle refers to the semi-transparent waxy stem used for lighting fires. 

The appealing mining town is easy accessible by tar road from Aus and Oranjemund as well as by a scenic road alongside the Orange River from Aussenkehr and Noordoewer. Coming from South Africa by ferry at Sendelingsdrift, our guests are welcome by friendly immigration officers.

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Zebra Carpet 1
Square patterned